Playwriting Unit: 10 to 15 Minute Play

Created by Lindsay Price

This playwriting unit offers lessons for students to complete a 10- to 15-minute play, instructed by professional playwright Lindsay Price.

The unit includes class writing time as well as students writing on their own; in setting it up this way, the unit can be interspersed between other lessons.

Students are challenged to apply themselves to write on their own - as all writers must do. Class time also focuses on giving and receiving feedback.

The overview outlines the outcome, objectives, and lays out the timeline for a four week project from idea to final draft.
Additional Attachments
1: Week One
In Week One, students learn about the criteria for the culminating project, complete some exercises to give students strategies for warm-ups and fighting writer’s block, as well as complete a practice session for both a monologue and a scene.
2: Week Two
In Week Two, students work on their first draft. Each class period involves writing, reading aloud from the draft, and giving/receiving feedback. The draft is due at the end of the week.
3: Week Three
In Week Three, students continue to write read their work aloud and receive feedback. The feedback for this week will focus on character and conflict. They will also complete post-first draft questions and character profiles. The second draft is due at the end of the week.
4: Week Four
Week Four is about practice, performance, and unit reflection. It’s important to include performance in the unit because the ultimate goal of all plays is that they be performed (rather than read). Students have the opportunity to rehearse in groups, present to the class, and then reflect on their experience with the unit.

Standards Addressed

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