Part of the Stagecraft Without a Theatre Curriculum

Scenic Construction

Created by Karen Loftus

Students will be able to identify the various tools used in a set shop, identify appropropriate shop safety procedures, including personal protective equipment, and demonstrate how to build a flat.

The overview lays out the objective of the unit, the timeline and list of lessons, and assessment plan.
1: Virtual Scene/Set Shop
Students identify tools used in a set/scene shop and understand their functions. They explore the tools by creating a virtual set/scene shop using traditional classroom supplies.
2: Shop Safety
Students will identify, comprehend, and demonstrate their knowledge of shop safety by creating a public safety announcement.
3: Building Stage Flats
Students will be able to identify the various elements of a stage flat and comprehend the skills, process, and math required to construct a stage flat.
4: Research Project: Scenic Construction
To continue exploring elements of scenic construction.

Standards Addressed

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