The Working Playwright *Hyperdoc

Created by Lindsay Price

In this unit, students will gain insight into the day to day responsibilities of a working artist. This unit aims to illuminate for students that creative expression is only one element in a sustainable arts career, and attempt to address the essential question: How does a playwright turn creative expression into a career? The culminating project for the unit is a playwright submissions packet for a theatre company.

This unit is delivered in hyperdoc format. What does that mean? A hyperdoc is an interactive tool that encourages digital learning. In this case, students are given a document on a subject, and there they can read articles, watch videos, do some independent research, and apply what they’ve learned. Because they’re working on their own, students are in charge of their own pacing.

Before you start the unit, ensure you read the Teacher Guide first. It will give you clear instructions on how to distribute the hyperdoc format and make it easy for you and your students.

Teacher Guide
The teacher guide outlines how to share the hyperdoc format of this unit with your students, with clear step by step directions. It is imperative that you download and read this guide before accessing any of the materials for the unit.
Additional Attachments
1: The Working Playwright
This hyperdoc unit is designed to have students independently discover how a playwright turns creative expression into a career. The unit is broken down into three sections with multiple activities, videos, and research tasks, and includes a culminating activity.

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