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Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools


adapted by Lindsay Price from Lewis Carroll

An adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic book. Practical solutions to all special effects. A magical trip to Wonderland!

 About 45 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

2 M | 3 W | 8 Any Gender, Plus Ensemble

Simple Set

 27 pages

Comedy Classical Adaptation Movement-based

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Reviews from Past Producers

Practical and economical solutions to all aspects of the story.

A one-act adaptation of the famous novel by Lewis Carroll.

Alice follows the white rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, where she meets a cornucopia of strange creatures.

A caterpillar gives advice, the Mad Hatter and March Hare are always at tea time, and the Queen of Hearts continually cries, "Off with her head!"

The Cheshire Cat says everyone in Wonderland is mad, and therefore Alice must be too. Has Alice lost her head? Only the Cheshire Cat knows for sure.

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13 Characters
2 M, 3 W, 8 Any Gender, Plus Ensemble

Characters in this play are currently identified as male or female. Directors are welcome to assign any gender (binary or non-binary) to any character and modify pronouns accordingly.

Alice [W] 115 lines
A curious girl in a curiouser world.
White Rabbit [A] 23 lines
Late, and in a hurry.
Caterpillar [A] 11 lines
a Pompous inchworm with serious ego.
Pigeon [A] 8 lines
On the lookout for serpents.
Duchess [W] 6 lines
A rough-handling matron, tasked with calming a little boy.
Cheshire Cat [A] 15,12,11 lines
A mischievous spirit of Wonderland. All smiles. (played by three performers)
Mad Hatter [M] 35 lines
The loony toastmaster of the tea party.
March Hare [A] 17 lines
First guest at the tea party.
Dormouse [A] 15 lines
King of Hearts [M] 34 lines
The tentative judge of the unusual trial.
Queen of Hearts [W] 16 lines
Terribly tyrant of Wonderland. A bad sport.

Doors (four) [A] 2 lines
Bar Alice’s way.
Key [A] 4 lines
A helpful little key. Where does it fit?
Bottle [A] 3 lines
it doesn’t say poison, so it must be safe to drink.
Cake [A] 3 lines
“Eat me!” Who needs invitation?
Footmen [A] 2,5 lines
They guard their doors like good soldiers.
Lackey [A] 2 lines
Has an invitation from the queen.
Cook [A] 5 lines
A rude and grumpy cook.
Cards [A] 3 lines
two, five, and seven – Dutifully perform the Queen’s wishes.
Knave [A] 1 line
On trial… but, for what?
Jury [A] 2 lines
Here to pass justice.

Customer Feedback

Just wanted to let you know that my drama school S.W.A.T.S. (The Shaun Winterflood Academy of Theatrical Studies) performed ALICE last Saturday afternoon as the culmination of their Summer School.

All 46 children really loved working on the script during the week and the performance was enjoyed by the entire audience and pupils alike.

Thank you for a wonderful script which suited the age group concerned of 5 - 14 year olds.

Shaun Winterflood ASTSD
Principal of S.W.A.T.S.

The play was a great success, so thank you for producing a well-written and easy to perform work. The kids loved it, and it went over well with our public performance!

Jared Criswell, Wayne County High School

Prop List

key, bottle, piece of cake, fan, gloves,, pieces of mushroom, invitation, baby, pig, tea set,watch, flamingos, scroll, tea cup, letter

Production Photos


The Duchess's Song (p. 13)
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