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La Caja

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

La Caja

by Lindsay Price

A Spanish translation of the middle school vignette play Box.

 About 30 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

5 M | 9 W | 4 Any Gender

Simple set

 32 pages

Dramedy Vignettes

» A Spanish translation of Box. «

Sometimes we choose the way the world sees us. Black box - indestructible. Jewelry box - plain on the outside, shiny on the inside. Sometimes our box is defined by others - our parents, our friends, our enemies. A box built by others can feel small, confined, impossible.

How do we handle the boxes imposed upon us because of our gender? Our race? From peer pressure? From parent pressure? Do we have to live with our box for the rest of our lives? Can we change?

La Caja is a middle school vignette play with flexible casting. It can be expanded for a large cast. Excellent small scene and monologue opportunities.

Spanish translation by Angelika Menendez.

This is a vignette play! What is a Vignette Play?

18 Characters
5 M, 9 W, 4 Any Gender
UNO [W] 38 lines
Andrea, Claudia, Dori, Grupo A
DOS [W] 59 lines
La Voz, Maria Isabel, Hermosa, Grupo A
TRES [W] 38 lines
Kamila, Lucia, Grupo A, Carolina
CUATRO [A] 16 lines
Azul, Sol, Grupo A; One Monologue
CINCO [W] 27 lines
Sylvia, Teresa, Grupo A; One Monologue
SEIS [M] 36 lines
Juan, Jorge, Grupo A
SIETE [W] 25 lines
Marion, Ana, Sofia, Grupo B; One Monologue
OCHO [M] 21 lines
Pablo, Luis, Grupo B; One Monologue
NUEVE [W] 47 lines
Lucía, La Estudiante, Elena, Grupo B
DIEZ [M] 25 lines
Alejandro, El Estudiante, Grupo B, Miguel
ONCE [M] 17 lines
Homero, Tomás, Grupo B; One Monologue
DOCE [A] 48 lines
René, Paz, Grupo B
TRECE [M] 39 lines
Jefe, Carlos, Grupo C
CATORCE [W] 38 lines
Reina, El drama, Selena, Grupo C; One Monologue
QUINCE [W] 42 lines
Honor, Maria Luisa, Constanza, Grupo C
DIECISÉIS [W] 30 lines
Josefina, Maria Elena, Estrella; One Monologue
DIECISIETE [A] 34 lines
Señor/Señora López, Caridad, Grupo C
DIECIOCHO [A] 40 lines
Señor/Señora Gómez, Salud, Grupo C

Prop List

number of cubes, several boxes of different sizes, big cardboard box, orange, whistle, cellphone, lumpy distorted box, tiny box
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