Tips for producing Among Friends and Clutter

"We see people but we don't know their stories." In our brand new middle school ensemble play, A Recipe of Me, food, family & love bring people together with heartfelt stories told through recipes. A must-have for any middle-school drama class!

Tips for producing
Among Friends and Clutter

by Lindsay Price

This character driven piece explores the most important relationships in life: friends, family, and love.

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Tips from the Author

I’m so glad you’ve chosen Among Friends and Clutter. This was my very first play! I love that it still gets productions over 20 years later.

Rehearsing this play is all about the characters. We see them at different ages and at different stages in their lives. The more details your actors can come up for their characters the more the audience will engage. Identify small details such as pet peeves, favourite music/food and larger details such as secrets, childhood memories, and least favourite memories.

Improvise scenes outside of the ones in the play. What happens to these students on the last day of their grade two class? Do they all move on together? Does anyone move? Do a timeline for these seven characters - how long do they stay together as a group?

Another great exercise is to have students describe the bedroom of their character. How does the bedroom change with the different ages of the character?

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