Tips for producing betweenity

"We see people but we don't know their stories." In our brand new middle school ensemble play, A Recipe of Me, food, family & love bring people together with heartfelt stories told through recipes. A must-have for any middle-school drama class!

Tips for producing

by Lindsay Price

This vignette play explores the beats, pauses, and neverending silences in conversation. An excellent class project with parts for everyone.

Tips from the Author

This is a play that “plays” with pauses. There are a variety of pause lengths from just a beat all the way up to 30 seconds. Make sure students take these pauses. It will feel uncomfortable and they may resist. It’s hard to stay still. At first, count the seconds for them or use a timer. Avoid letting students count in their heads. Get them to decide their inner monologue. That way when an audience looks at them, they won’t see an actor counting to 10, they’ll see a character fighting their inner thoughts.

What a rehearsal exercise specific to pauses? Click here for A Pause for Pauses!

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