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Claque Attack: a clapping contemplation on the nature of applause

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Claque Attack: a clapping contemplation on the nature of applause

by Lindsay Price

The standing ovation. The regram. The cheer. The boo. The slow clap. The post like. The lengthy applause.

How do you show your appreciation? How do you get the applause you want? How do you make the audience applaud? Do you control the audience or does the audience control you? Join us and find out the answers to all this and moreā€¦

A fantastic class play!

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Tips from past Producers

If you have the capability, projections really add to setting the scenes. Work with your Claque on walking with confidence. We watched a lot of runway models and did some runway challenges of our own. Get your cast off book sooner rather than later to work on the timing of three + person scenes. Bring in some people to be a test audience as you get closer to the performance.

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