Tips for producing
Deck the Stage!

by Lindsay Price

A Christmas collection like no other. Six short plays, all inspired by Christmas carols and can be performed as a full-length or individually.

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Tips from the Author

Make the transitions between each play part of the blocking process. Going to black is always an option but it also takes the audience out of the world of the play. You have a plethora of Christmas music to choose from - or maybe work out something with the music teacher to sing carols during the scene changes.

What if there was a theme to the scene changes? “Opening presents” or “Waiting for Santa!” Entertain the audience during the transitions, don’t leave them sitting in the dark!

Tips from past Producers

We did this in our Black Box Theater, and the vignettes all work very well in a bare-bones setup. Also, before each vignette, actors who were not in that particular vignette came out and sang the first verse or two of the Christmas carol that inspired the story to follow.

For the angel's choir we made our own angel wings using coffee filters and paper! At first it was a little floppy, but then we added corrugated plastic, cut into rectangles and hot glued them to the paper. They were super cheap, kids were able to make them themselves, and they had a HUGE effect on stage. In between scenes we had the pleasure of using our band classes as transition music. This show allowed us to have a Christmas concert as well as a dramatic show.

Have fun with it and be creative with the setting and costuming!

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