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Deck the Stage!

by Lindsay Price

A Christmas collection like no other. Six short plays, all inspired by Christmas carols and can be performed as a full-length or individually.

Average Producer Rating:

 About 70 minutes
Act 1: 40 minutes, Act 2: 30 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

Simple Set

 47 pages

Reviews from Past Producers

"Deck the halls with cows and collies, That's the way we get our jollies…"

Theatrefolk's Christmas collection is unlike any other. The show is comprised of six short plays, all of which are inspired by Christmas carols such as: Deck the Halls, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and We Three Kings.

The plays can be performed individually, or all together as a complete evening of entertainment.

An excellent project for your drama club with parts for everyone at all levels!

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This is a vignette play! What is a Vignette Play?

Deck the Halls with Poison Ivy

25 lines
Student: She shouldn’t be there! She’s up for scholarships this year!
15 lines
Student: Her dad will kill her if she gets suspended.
25 lines
Student: Founding member of “The Dude and the Flaming Sheds.” The dude himself.
38 lines
Principal: Believes in creativity and discipline in equal measure.

Still as Stone

Ben [M]
43 lines
A loudmouth with a soft spot for a shy girl.
Shelley [W]
37 lines
A girl with good reason to hate the happiest time of the year.

The Choir Committee

TARIEL – Angel [A]
77 . lines
Member of the Choir Committee
MARIEL – Angel [A]
83 lines
Member of the Choir Committee
DARIEL – Angel [A]
49 lines
Head of the Choir Committee
SARIEL – Angel [A]
19 lines
Beautiful voice, not so beautiful attitude
ZARIEL - Misfit angel [A]
30 lines
Member of the Heavenly Choir

Leaping Kings

60 lines
A King of Orient. Level-headed, smart-mouthed.
GASPAR – Frankincense [M]
50 lines
A King of Orient. A sunny dreamer.
42 lines
A King of Orient. Kind of a downer.

Ms. Meyermyer's Shining Moment

43 lines
Artist. Teacher. Visionary. Possibly insane.
10 lines
Was supposed to be at Cub Scouts tonight.
8 lines
The Guatemalan Refugee.
7 lines
Has the twelfth day in the song. Most important part, or least important?
8 lines
All Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
13 lines
Has the second day in the song. A big responsibility!
9 lines
A tomboy. Doesn’t want to be Toxic Waste.
6 lines
She’s number three!
11 lines

The Tree Monologues

Johan [M]
33 lines
Brother to Hans. Competitive.
Hans [M]
48 lines
Brother to Johan. Also competitive!
Esther [W]
monologue lines
A sullen girl who loves trees and hates Christmas. Save the trees! One monologue.
Asia [W]
A bored, snobbish girl who is slightly repressed. One monologue.
Iris [W]
Loves her cat. Hates tinsel. Has a choice to make. One monologue.

Prop List

Still as Stone

Two glasses, pitcher of orange juice, knapsack, Christmas present with small bow, bag of bows, second, more suitable bow

The Choir Committee

Envelopes, notepad, sash

Leaping Kings

three gifts

Ms. Meyermyer's Shining Moment

props or costumes to represent the twelve shames of Christmas

The Tree Monologues

a piece of paper

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Customer Comments

We love Theatrefolk and Lindsay Price. Last year we did Deck the Stage... it was fabulous! Deck the Stage is perfect for a high school production. Ms. Price's dialogue is witty and charming, with just the right measure of silliness that can really be hammed up.

I know this year's production of The Merrie Christmas Show will be just as successful as Deck the Stage.

Tracy Nash
Drama Coach
Esparto High School
Esparto California

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Deck the Stage!
by Lindsay Price

 About 70 minutes
Act 1: 40 minutes, Act 2: 30 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

Simple Set

 47 pages

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