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adapted by Laramie Dean from Bram Stoker

Based on Bram Stoker’s timeless novel, Dracula is a highly theatrical exploration of the evil that lurks inside all of us… and how it can become all-consuming, draining away our humanity and turning us into monsters.

Count Dracula travels from his castle in Transylvania to England with the intent of creating more vampires like himself. But little does he know that one woman may possess enough strength to destroy him forever.

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Tips from past Producers

The tips in the front of the script were useful. I also used the monsters and Nosferatu in many additional scenes as a sort of extension of Dracula's power. We turned the underworld scene into a full dance of demons torturing Harker by using the skills the students had. Even the music was composed by students.
There are wonderful notes in the opening portion of the script outlining various methodologies of working with the technical aspects (blood, lighting, set pieces) that are extremely helpful. Pay close attention to sounds, music and lighting as they convey far more than fancy sight gags. An intimacy consultant is a must to provide the kind of physical contact that this play requires. While this is a play adapted for teens, physical contact during the show really adds to the experience for both the audience and the performers.

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