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Finding Jo March

Production Tips for
Finding Jo March

by Laramie Dean

You should know right away that this is not a traditional adaptation of Little Women.

A young writer dives into the world of Louisa May Alcott’s most famous novel in order to bring the story to life (with a little help from their friends). Suddenly the March sisters are back, and the writer is one of them… Jo! But as the lives and loves of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy unfold, the present constantly threatens to pull the writer back into reality where a tragedy they have yet to deal with waits.

It’s about telling someone else’s story so you can find your own.

Dramedy Classical Adaptation Holiday

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Tips from past Producers

Lighting and staging are critical to helping the audience understand the time leaps. Creating a safe space for teens to explore this work is also critical. We used adults to play adult roles. Our conservatory is based on a mentorship model. It was crucial for us to make sure our adults were safe for our cast to explore. Finding costuming was fun for the kids, but we ended up making several costumes. Civil War era clothing can be difficult for a school to source.

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