Chemo Girl and Other Plays is an incredible collection of plays that examines the impact of cancer through the eyes of teenagers. Sometime we have to dig deep to find the courage to overcome life’s biggest challenges.

Tips for producing
School Daze

by Lindsay Price

Middle school is the tricky tightrope between being a kid and being a teenager. The characters try to keep their balance on the first day of middle school.

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Tips from the Author

Most of the characters in this piece only appear in one scene. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be three-dimensional. Encourage students to create character profiles for every part they play, even if a part isn’t named (e.g. "the Eighth Graders"). This will give your students more ownership over their roles. Some details to identify are the character’s name, age, family make-up, most important relationship, favourite/least favourite subject, pet peeve, and secret. Another great exercise is to have students describe the bedroom of each character using the five senses. ​

Tips from past Producers

One set for this is key, and makes it SO easy! Getting your hands on a few cubes to use throughout the show help create some fun levels and different viewpoints for various scenes. If kids didn't have specific character names, it was fun for them to come up with their own. They all developed a backstory and how they were connect to the people in those scenes to give them a little better idea of how their experience fit in the school day and made it more relatable to them.

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