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Shakespeare's Bachelorette

Production Tips for
Shakespeare's Bachelorette

by Lea Marshall

This is the Shakespeare/Dating show mash-up you’ve been waiting for!

Kate is looking for a date and her options are somewhat limited. Hamlet is pretty focused on his step-dad, Macbeth keeps trying to grab a dagger from above Kate’s head, and why does Iago keep giving her a handkerchief?

Oberon seems to think he’s going to win the show and it has nothing to do with that purple flower…

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Comedy Shakespeare

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Tips from past Producers

Have fun with this one and make it work for you! We used the suggestion to write profiles for each date and we introduced each Shakespeare character in front of the curtain as the dating-profiles were read. We did use a dagger on a fishing pole to create the "imaginary" dagger. It made for some good laughs. We also had Puck bring out a skull to Hamlet to talk to as his "ghost" father. Also, in Hamlet's Date, we put chairs behind Kate and Hamlet and had the witches watch the play also, to give it more of a theater scene.

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