Something to Keep us Warm

Recommended for High Schools

Something to Keep us Warm

by Stephen Gregg

A heartbreaking and hilarious one act. How does a family deal with watching one of their own disappear?

 About 25 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

1 M | 3 W | 5 Any Gender, Plus offstage voices

Simple set

 23 pages

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Norma is running out of time. Thanksgiving Trick or Treat is upon her and the tablesweat isn’t finished and she can’t remember which of her daughters is older. How does a family deal with watching one of their own disappear?

This heartbreaking and hilarious one act would be a wonderful experience for students onstage and off. Lots for your tech team to explore—from ghost costumes, to lighting, to creating a “tablesweat.”

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