The Drama Classroom Companion Volume 2

The Drama Classroom Companion Volume 2

by Kerry Hishon

The Drama Classroom Companion: Volume 2 has more articles, exercises, reflections and rubrics that focus on reaching the 21st century teen using 21st century skills.

This volume contains everything you need to further explore creative thinking, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration in the drama classroom.

How do you approach common assumptions about drama class? How do you rehearse backwards? How do you deal with students who can’t handle feedback? How do you communicate with parents? How do you encourage ensemble thinking?

The Drama Classroom Companion: Volume 2 is about teaching students to think in a new way. The more material you have at your fingertips to teach and reach the 21st century learner, the better.

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The Drama Classroom Companion is filled with articles and exercises to build the skills needed for theatrical performance as well as real world skills like creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.

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