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The Super Non-Heroes

Recommended for Middle Schools

The Super Non-Heroes

by Taryn Temple

Charlie may not be a superhero, but when she digs deep she discovers her unique talents to save the day.

 About 60 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

3 M | 7 W | 13 Any Gender

Simple set

 50 pages

Comedy Character Study Movement-based

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Reviews from Past Producers

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong? Powerless Charlie sticks out like a sore thumb in a school full of superheroes. Smellinator can’t control her powers and forgot to do her Villain 101 homework. Golden Boy won’t follow protocol. And Toxic Sludge is, well, toxic sludge.

When a supervillain attacks the school Charlie must dig deep within herself. She may not be a superhero but she discovers her unique talents to save the day.

A fabulous middle school play that looks at friendship, acceptance and discovering yourself. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero?

23 Characters
3 M, 7 W, 13 Any Gender
Has the unenviable job of keeping a school full of superheroes under control, takes on the role of a supervillain to help students practice.
REFLECTOR [W] 70 lines
She can reflect any weapon used against her back onto her enemy.
SMELLINATOR [A] 49 lines
Imagines things into existence using her sense of smell. Unfortunately she doesn’t have much control over her power yet.
TOXIC SLUDGE [A] 39 lines
Big-hearted, simple and slow-moving. No one can touch him because of his nuclear skin.
GOLDEN BOY [M] 102 lines
He has both beauty and strength, plus the ego to match. Strength and charm are his superpowers and he uses them to get ahead with whomever he can.
SIDEKICK [M] 48 lines
He has attached himself to Golden Boy because he believes he can never be anything more than a sidekick.
BIG WHOOP [M] 31 lines
Golden Boy’s buddy, he’s a super bro.
Her powerful compliments are mostly for Golden Boy.
MRS. TEACHER [W] 35 lines
An elderly educator who sometimes unwittingly falls victim to her students’ powers.
CACOPHONY [A] 6 lines
The voice of the school, reads the daily announcements with flair.
THE SHIELD [A] 25 lines
Has the power to protect those around him.
WET BLANKET [A] 26 lines
The pessimist of the group. Always sees the negative side but ultimately has a very useful power.
SNEEZY MAGEE [A] 15 lines
His sneezes could move mountains but they are out of his control.
Uses bribery to get what she wants by convincing people to indulge in their guilty pleasures.
A person with super chipmunk powers; Lines are mimed
EMBER [W] 11 lines
She’s the only superhero hot enough for Golden Boy.
HOT MESS [W] 4 lines
She’s a super hot mess.
THE POET [W] 7 lines
Speaks in rhyme and commands lightning bolts to sizzle her enemies.
Blindth hith enemieth by thpitting all over them when he talkth.
HYSTERIA [A] 11 lines
Can cause mass chaos to disorient her enemies but since she hasn’t learned self-control she mostly just causes a ruckus among her fellow students.
CHARLIE [A] 81 lines
The only non-super attender of the superhero school.
THE VILLAIN [A] 31 lines
A non-super villain bent on revenge.
Adores The Villain. Her sole goal is to help The Villain take over the world. Lines are mimed.

Prop List

Paper mache rock, backpacks, textbooks, notebooks, pencils, plastic fruit, bag of macadamia nuts, ray gun, old shoe, microphone or intercom, broken pieces of vending machine, mangled candy wrappers and chip bags, lunch boxes, bone, bouquet of fish, heavy-looking object made out of foam, cartoony machine, suit coats, briefcase, bouquet of flowers, folders


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