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5 Collaboration or Warm Up Games for the Drama Classroom

5 Collaboration or Warm-up Games
Written by Lindsay Price

Collaboration games are a great go-to exercise throughout the entire school year. At the start of the school year, they work for ‘get to know you’, and warm up activities. Later on in the school year, they can help get the class out of rehearsal ruts, energizing both the students and the teacher.

These are 5 of our favourite collaboration games. Each post comes with a PDF download so you can walk into class the next day, ready to play the game with your students!

1. “Three Things in Common
The point of this game is for students to not just talk to each other, but to go beyond surface connections. Great for the first week of the term!

2. “The Marshmallow Challenge
It works because it’s so simple. Groups of four are given 18 minutes to build the tallest freestanding building they can with 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti, one yard of masking tape, one yard of string, and one marshmallow.

3. “The Negotiation
This game will give your students practice negotiating, not just following one or two leaders.

4. “The Human Knot
Students must not only achieve the knot, but they must also work together to undo it. This game will challenge students to communicate with each other without resorting to commands. It will also boost their negotiation skills.

5. “Big, Tiny, Twisted
This exercise is a great last warm-up before transitioning into classwork or rehearsal.

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