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A play in pictures: Agatha Rex

Written by Lindsay Price

Because I live in a small corner of Canada and my plays are often performed far away from me, I don’t get to see many productions. So I love it when a director or a teacher reaches out to let me know what they did with a play and how it went. Stacey Meisetschlaeger from Texas recently directed Agatha Rex with her middle school and had great succeeds with it.Agatha Rex Round Rock 01


 I wanted to tell you about the wonderful success our middle school had with Agatha Rex. First of all, I absolutely loved the script when I read it; I was SO excited about the opportunities having a Chorus gave me as a director. I chose to produce the play for our Spring Play Festival and Competition, an event the middle school directors in our district put together.

Agatha Rex Round Rock 13Agatha Rex Round Rock 16Agatha Rex Round Rock 14

Agatha Rex earned a Superior ranking (the highest possible) and we also earned Best Actor and Best Actress (of all 5 plays competing in our zone). Four other awards are given for each production as well.

Our judge who critiqued us said that we were a college-grade production. He gave only advanced characterization suggestions (for middle-schoolers) and praised each actor individually. The students in the cast worked VERY hard and were willing to do anything I asked them. They pushed themselves and succeeded as a team!

Agatha Rex Round Rock 20

We had a total of 41 students perform. There was a huge Chorus. I was able to have them transition on/off stage with scene changes (only 1/2 the Chorus present during most scenes). It looked very fluid. It allowed a Chorus to be on stage the entire performance, but also gave the illusion of students going to class.

Agatha Rex Round Rock 12

I was really intrigued by Stacey’s use of the Chorus and asked her to tell me more. Stay tuned to Thursday for a post all about working with a large Chorus!

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