Anxiety Never Looked So Good: Anxiety is Orange

Anxiety is Orange
Written by Lindsay Price

Does orange make you anxious? The vignette play for high school and middle school performers, Anxiety is Orange by Lindsay Price will help you navigate through it!

Colours can be symbolic. Red is fiery. Purple is royal. Blue is calming. Sometimes, colours can take on too much meaning. I can’t date you – you wear wenge! He sent yellow flowers! Orange gives my brother anxiety!

Join the characters in this vignette play as they navigate the world, each other, and the greens, greys, blues, reds, pinks, yellows, and oranges around them.

Director Zack Kattwinkel from Brickell Academy for Advanced Academics and Arts in Virginia Beach, VA was excited to share the success that his talented student performers had with this play. Their hard work and dedication to their performances was evident and the production was a resounding success.

The kids had so much fun with it!

Great job, Brickell Academy!

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