Contemporary Comedy With a Heart: Moving

Written by Lindsay Price

Attention all high school Drama Teachers: Get on the move with Moving by Lindsay Price. As part of Moving/Still, a collection of two one-act plays, Moving is a rapid-fire character-driven comedy with a heart. Under the direction of Krystal Deveau, the drama team at Kamsack Comprehensive Institute in Kamsack, Saskatchewan successfully moved their way through this contemporary comedy with award-winning results.

Directing this play was a blast but challenging at the same time. The kids had so much fun getting into their characters, but that was also a challenge too. Their biggest challenges were: discovering their characters, and saying the lines smoothly. Overall, we worked VERY hard together on this play: often having 6 rehearsals per week up to 3 hours per rehearsal sometimes. It all paid off in the end when we won the Regional Drama Festival!

AWARDS: The Cheer Award: Breanna Bland (Darcy), SDA Certificate of Merit: Breanna Bland (Darcy), Technical Award of Merit: Shaelyn Matwijeczko (Lighting), Acting Award: Allison Thomsen (Andrea), Mary Ellen Burgess Award: Alanna Finnie (Bree), SDA’s Best Visual Production Runner-Up, Best Overall Production

Amazing work, Kamsack Comprehensive Institute!

Get a copy of the play Moving.

*Photo credit: Krystal Deveau

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