Don't miss this one act annotated version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Shakespeare’s magical tale of mischievous fairies, and love potions, set in the Athenian woods. Great blend of comedy & romance!

Moving / Still: Two One Act Plays

Recommended for High Schools

Moving / Still: Two One Act Plays

by Lindsay Price

A girl moves too fast. A boy is still the same after a heartwrenching moment. Moving/Still looks at those who want to grow up and those who don't.

Simple Set

 41 pages

Drama Character Study Student Directors
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Can be performed together or as individual plays.

This Book is a Collection of 2 Plays

A group of best friends help Darcy prepare for a date. She's taking extra special care: the right lip gloss, the right skirt. But why? Darcy's keeping secrets and she's not telling. Andrea knows and it's only a matter of time before she explodes. Moving is a rapid-fire character-driven comedy with a heart.

5 W. Approx. 30 minutes long. Rights: $40.00, Script Distribution License: $25.95

Nate and Caroline used to be the Fun Couple: nicknames, silly catchphrases and secret handshakes. But there's a problem: Nate doesn't want to grow up, and Caroline already has. A bittersweet story with a twist - once you grow up you can never go back.

1 M 1 W. Approx. 15 minutes long. Rights: $40.00, Script Distribution License: $13.95

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