Power of Perception: Discovering Rogue

Discovering Rogue
Written by Lindsay Price

The issue-based high school drama, Discovering Rogue by Christian Kiley, is an awesome character piece with something extremely relevant to say to today’s teen.

Rogue has the best beachfront property ever. Right on the ocean – location, location, location. Her home happens to be a cardboard box but she doesn’t mind.

Others, though, mind very much. They want Rogue to leave the beach. Now. But she isn’t budging. Rogue isn’t just running away from home; she’s running away from herself.

Director Michael Yoson and the incredible students from Piscataway High School in Piscataway, New Jersey enjoyed the messaging and the creative flexibility that is part of this play. As well, the students were able to explore their characters in depth, while being exposed to more abstract forms of storytelling:

As a teacher and director, I enjoyed working on this play. I think the play offers a positive message, and it allows for creative staging. Our production approach was inspired by the idea that with the power of the imagination, a cardboard box could become anything. So all of the scenic and prop pieces were made out of cardboard and recycled materials. This allowed students to think outside the box and challenged them creatively while working on the tech elements of the show. 

Great job, Piscataway High School!

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