A Cross-Curricular Comedy: Football Romeo

Football Romeo
Written by Lindsay Price

Both hilarious and touching, Football Romeo by Lindsay Price will appeal to those who love Shakespeare, those who fear Shakespeare, and those who’ve never heard of Shakespeare.

The new drama teacher at Verona Beach High is directing¬†Romeo and Juliet. Nicola is certain she will be the perfect Juliet and her linebacker boyfriend the perfect Romeo. Too bad life isn’t perfect!

Sparks fly when Danny, the self-professed drama geek, is chosen over the linebacker. Nicola cries foul and demands the play be recast. Not only must Danny fight his insecurities as a performer and his brother treating him as a science experiment, he must also fight to keep the role of a lifetime.

Director Julie Patrick from Johnston City High School in Johnston City, Illinois was thrilled to share the success of her talented group with their production of Football Romeo:

I would say our performance was a hit; we had a nice crowd both nights of the show. I directed it back in 2008 and chose to put it on again this spring. The references to Romeo and Juliet and Lord of the Flies are wonderful since my freshmen read both of those pieces. We have no actual theater or auditorium or even civic center in our town, so we convert our commons/cafeteria into a little theater, but we make it work!

Great work, Johnston City High School!

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