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Gamify Your Choice Board: Bingo

Choice boards are a great way to give students some independence and autonomy over their assignments, and “gamifying” their choice board makes it more fun. A simple way to mix up your choice board assignment is to format it like a Bingo board. This gives students a choice in terms of what tasks to complete, while challenging them to try tasks outside their comfort zone to complete the assigned shape.


1. Create a 5x5 Bingo grid.

2. Select various tasks (you’ll need 25, or 24 plus a free centre square) and put one task in each square.

The tasks could be all performance-related, all playwriting-related, all tech-related, or a smorgasbord of everything. Some tasks may be individual; some may be pairs or group work. Try to group tasks on the board so there are some easier and harder ones in the same scoring zone.

You could also format the assignment as a written report or visual presentation, with each square being a question or prompt that needs to be answered to add up to one large written project.

3. Print off enough bingo cards for each student.

4. Determine how many squares students will need to select to complete the assignment. Some shapes may have one fewer square if you choose to have a free centre square. Shapes you could select include:

  • 1 line going any direction — vertical, horizontal, or diagonal (4 or 5 squares, depending on if there is a free centre square)
  • Y or rotating Y* (6 or 7 squares)
  • 2 lines (7 to 10 squares, depending on if the lines cross and/or if there is a free centre square)
  • T or rotating T* (8 or 9 squares)
  • L or rotating L* (9 squares)
  • Checkerboard* (12 or 13 squares, depending on which alternating squares the student chooses)
  • Any miscellaneous combination of squares adding up to a certain number of squares (for example, “complete any 10 squares.”)

Other options may include four corners, X, outer circle*, or full card, but there are fewer choices for those shapes (meaning, all students would complete the same tasks, versus having more options with the other shapes).

*See the giveaway below for visual examples of rotating Y, T, L, Chessboard, and Outer Circle shapes.

5. Students will complete their assigned tasks within the time frame assigned (in-class, assigned as homework, or a combination of both). They will cross off or shade in their completed squares to indicate which tasks they completed, then submit all assigned written and practical work, as well as the bingo sheet, for evaluation. For the performance tasks, students may have the option of performing live in class or filming their performance and submitting the video to the teacher.

6. Bonus: You may wish to offer students extra credit for completing additional squares outside of the assigned shape.

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Click here for a free sample card and visual board examples.
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