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A Haunting Futuristic Drama: Look Me in the Eye

Look Me in the Eye
Written by Lindsay Price

Can you envision a future where teenagers are forced into obedience? What happens when someone questions authority? Is it more important to take a stand or remain in compliance? These questions are examined in the thought-provoking one-act drama, Look Me in the Eye by Lindsay Price. Under the direction of Nina Bryant, the talented student performers at Consuelo Mendez Middle School in Austin, Texas took on this wonderful character development piece. They demonstrated that the futuristic teenage characters are every bit as full of dreams and goals as contemporary teens.

The play went quite well! My actors enjoyed playing characters with real depth and they had some great discussions about the themes of obedience and mental illness.

Adults in attendance were also quite engaged in the themes and the idea of the “observation” as a procedure for deterring violence. In the case of our student population, ours is a daily struggle to break the cycle of violence born out of poverty… and still I choose the heavy plays!

Great work, Consuelo Mendez Middle School!

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