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Location Sound Exercise

Written by Lindsay Price

Sound is a powerful sense. Many objects and actions are clearly identified by the sounds they make. Sound also triggers powerful memories. When I hear a screen door slam, I am instantly brought back to my grandparents’ cottage on a chilly summer morning. The kettle that I use to make my tea each morning has a distinct sound. The beach where I live has a multitude of sounds from the waves lapping on the sand, to the seagulls, to kids squealing playfully in the sand.

How do you express a location using just sound?
  1. Start the exercise with a discussion on sound. What specific sounds happen on a daily basis in your life? What would life be like without sound?
  2. Show a picture of a specific location. Use the picture provided in the download or choose your own.
  3. Ask the class to brainstorm on the different sounds that evoke the location. Have them practice making the sounds using whatever you have on hand. All sounds for the exercise will be manmade.
  4. Divide the class into groups. Each group gets their own picture.
  5. Groups have five minutes to discuss the picture, brainstorm on the possible sounds and come up with five sounds that evoke the location. All these sounds will be made by the students.
  6. Each group presents their sounds for the class. Can the class guess the location just by hearing the sounds? If a group is unsuccessful creating effective sounds, work with them. Get suggestions from the class on how they can refine their sounds.
  7. Have students write a reflection on the exercise.
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