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Methods of Teaching Theatre: A Teacher Toolkit

Methods of Teaching Theatre
Written by Lindsay Price

Whether you’re a new drama teacher or new to teaching drama, you’ll encounter many challenges in your first few years. Methods of Teaching Theatre: A Teacher Toolkit by Matt Webster is designed to help you be ready before a student ever walks through the door, as well as give you fundamental building blocks to plan for and execute a well-run classroom.

This resource examines four fundamental building blocks of teaching:

  1. Classroom Setup
  2. Classroom Management
  3. Lesson Planning
  4. Assessment

It also provides you with tools and activities that will help you integrate these fundamentals into a drama classroom.

Methods of Teaching Theatre: A Teacher Toolkit is all about what’s behind the curtain of a well-run drama classroom – the preparations, planning strategies and teaching tools. Anticipate the preparations you will need to address before a student ever walks into your classroom and the kind of philosophical questions you need to ask, and answer, as you begin your teaching career.

Not sure if you’re prepared? Matt Webster shares a few things that no one tells you about the first few days of teaching theatre:

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