Mime, Masks and Movement: Emotional Baggage

Emotional Baggage
Written by Lindsay Price

How do you tell a story without using dialogue? Emotional Baggage by Lindsay Price is an incredibly unique offering for students that focuses on non-verbal storytelling through mask and movement.

Seven strangers meet in a train station. Instead of luggage, they all carry their “emotional baggage.”

They must confront themselves and one another. Everybody carries emotional baggage with them. What’s yours?

The performers of the non-profit group, Offtopic Theatre Co., in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia took on this incredibly unique play and received award-winning results at the Fraser Valley Zone Festival, including a special certificate for Artistic Risk. These pictures they shared with us definitely show how much can be shared without ever saying a word.

Great job, Offtopic Theatre Company!

*Photo credit: Emily Hamel

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