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November Reading List: Plays for Veterans/Remembrance Day

This month we turn our thoughts to Remembrance Day and Veterans Day. If you're looking for meaningful and impactful performances to mark this important time of remembrance, we have a curated list of plays that will help you do just that.

Our November collection features plays designed not only to pay tribute but also to start and continue important discussions with your students - whether on the stage or in the classroom.

For many wars, letters home were the only form of communication between soldiers and their loved ones.

Letters is thought-provoking and character-driven. It's not hard to see Marie, Jim, Caleb, Sarah, Harriet and Robert reaching out with pen and paper.

An excellent and challenging Reader's Theatre script.

The poems in Drum Taps represent Walt Whitman's firsthand account of the Civil War. See the words, the emotion, the blood come to life in this theatrical adaptation.

This is not your traditional readers theatre or poetry recital. This is flesh and bone words breathed to their fullest humanity. This is struggle and pain. This is confusion and contradiction. This is war.

The military has its own language, with many short ways of saying long things. PCS means Permanent Change of Station, or “to move.”

The young teens in Home of the Brave PCS a lot. How do the children of military families deal with the constant moving, worrying about deployed parents, best friends who PCS overseas, and never knowing how long they’ll be in a particular school? Sometimes, you have to make a home wherever you end up.

Home of the Brave was inspired by interviews with hundreds of military dependents and their families, teachers, principals, counselors as well as active duty and veterans from all branches of the service.

Charlie is surrounded by ghosts. The ghost of an estranged father who leaves her an antique musket. The ghost of a classmate’s sister who cautions Charlie, The Grey will hear you.

Who are the Grey? Ghosts of Lost Confederate soldiers ambushed following the first battle of Fredericksburg, 1862.

As the Aurora Borealis light up the Virginia night sky Charlie must confront the living and the dead. She’s trying to find peace but will she make the right choice? What brings her to the centre of a barely frozen lake with the musket and her ghosts? Beat! Beat! Drums! Blow! Bugles! Blow!

The Blue and the Grey is haunting, exhilarating and theatrical.

Products referenced in this post: Drum Taps, Letters, The Blue and the Grey, and Home of the Brave

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