Performance Options: Live Stage, Virtual or Livestream?

Choosing a play for your group can be tough enough. Figuring out the best way to perform it given the current environment can seem overwhelming.

We want to keep things as simple as possible for you – you’ve got enough on your plate!

Over 90% of our play catalogue is available to perform as a Live Stage performance, a Virtual performance or a Livestream performance. No stress required! Our performance license covers all three options – your license remains the same even if your platform changes.

What are my options?
Live Stage Performance

A Live Stage Performance is a traditional theatrical performance in which the play is performed on stage or similar performance venue for a live audience of any size. 

Virtual Performance

A Virtual Performance is a performance on an online web conferencing platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, or Google Meets where performers are geographically isolated from one another and not together on a stage. 

Livestream Performance

A Livestream Performance is a traditional performance that is livestreamed to the Internet as the actors are performing. Instead of watching the show live in the theatre, the audience watches virtually from their home or other location.

All Livestreams must be conducted through our Authorized Streaming Partner, BookTix. Please contact BookTix at for more information about Livestreaming.

Multiple Performance Types

Performances need not all be of the same type (i.e. Live Stage Performance, Virtual Performance, Livestream Performance) so long as the total number of performances given does not exceed the total number of performances ordered.

What do I have to do?

Just pick a play! Search our play catalogue to find some options that work for you and your group. Then order a script distribution license or physical scripts, and one performance royalty per performance – regardless of the type of production you’re doing.

Your license will allow you to perform live stage, virtual or livestream – or a combination of the three.

How do I know which plays are available for Live Stage, Virtual or Livestream?

Over 90% of our plays are available for all three options. Just visit our play catalogue and click on any individual play page for more information. We also have plays specifically written or selected for online performances!

I have more questions…

You can visit our Theatrefolk Performances page for more information on our online performance options, and specific licensing and royalty details. Or reach out to us at

Click here for more information on our Performance options, including a list of all plays available for Live Stage, Virtual or Livestreaming!

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