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Playwriting Exercise: Hurdling the First Line

Playwriting Exercise: Hurdling the first line
Written by Lindsay Price

Sometimes the hardest part in getting started is coming up with that first line. Turning a blank page into writing. It’s always going to be easier to turn away from a blank page than to commit to words on the page. So use this exercise to get over that hurdle.


For the next 10 days, write one scene a day. The scene should be one page long. The scene should only have two characters who are in one room, in one location. Go down the list and for each day use the provided first line as the first line of your scene.

  1. Well, aren’t you going to congratulate me?
  2. What do you mean “I have to give the ring back?”
  3. This is most definitely the result of a curse.
  4. Dude, Lara Croft is not your girlfriend.
  5. I can fix this, I am determined to fix this.
  6. I have something important to tell you.
  7. Why are you hiding in the bathroom?
  8. Sir, you dropped your wallet.
  9. I would do anything for a peanut butter dipped chocolate bar right now.
  10. First day of school, first day of hell.
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