Ready for a Road Trip?: Skid Marks 1 & 2

Skid Marks
Written by Lindsay Price

What’s your driving story? With Skid Marks: A Play About Driving and Skid Marks 2: Are We There Yet? by Lindsay Price you can go from your first car to a cross-country road trip and enjoy everything about the teenage rite of passage: the car.

When did you get your first car? Did it take more than one try to get your license? Did your dad ever shout, “Do I have to stop the car?”

What does the car mean to you?

The car is freedom. The car is a trap. The car is your dream. The car is held together by duct tape. The car is being pulled over! The car is lost in the parking garage… somewhere… B10… D27… D37… 47…

Drive across country to change your life when you’ve never actually driven farther than the next block.

Drive all night for one last fling at the beach. And get completely, totally lost.

Drive your obnoxious brother and your doubly obnoxious sister because… because Mom said!

The road trip. Ever take one? Ever want to? Ever spent hours trapped in a car with your obnoxious brother eating double double burgers and your doubly obnoxious sister whining, “Are we there yet?” Who let those two in the car?!

Let these characters make that road trip for you. Join their journey and see where the road takes them. Are they driving as far away as possible, just to find their way home?

Teacher Sherrie Meredith was thrilled to share her group’s award-winning performances of Skid Marks 1&2. The talented team at McNaughton High School in Moosomin, Saskatchewan took these fast-paced, hilarious vignette plays out for a spin and truly shifted into high gear!

We had a fabulous experience – we WON!!!! This is the first time our school has won provincial festival – pretty exciting! The kids had a phenomenal performance on the University of Regina Stage. We also won several other Provincial and Regional awards as well, including: REGIONAL: Best Visual Production, Best Overall Production, Acting Recognition Certificates, Technical Recognition Certificates; PROVINCIAL: Best Overall Production, Best Technical Crew, Runner-up to Best Visual Production, individual Technical Certificates of Merit & Acting Certificates of Merit.

Congratulations, McNaughton High School!

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