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Scenes for Classroom Study: Help your students take their work to the next level

Classroom Study Scenes
Written by Lindsay Price

Character study. Scene work. Performances. IE competitions. Substitute teachers…

You need scenes. We’ve got them!

With 30 scenes and over 200 pages, our brand new resource, Scenes for Classroom Study, gives students relevant material at their fingertips, to help them take their work to the next level.

But that’s not all! Each scene comes from a published Theatrefolk play and includes:

* Close Reading Questions – Use each scene as a close reading exercise with these text-dependent questions.
* Staging Suggestions – If groups are self-directing, or you have student directors, these notes will help them effectively stage the scenes.
* Character Development – This section includes character-specific questions and suggestions for your student actors. If your students perform Individual Events or compete with scenes, they’re going to want their characters to be at their best!

Click here for more info about getting your hands on this amazing e-book. You can even download some free sample pages to get an inside look on what Scenes for Classroom Study is all about.

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