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Script Analysis for Actors

Script analysis for actors
Written by Lindsay Price

Whether you’re performing your first role or your fortieth, Theatrefolk has a great roundup of guides to help you prepare for your role, to analyze the script from a few different angles, and to really make the most of the part you’ve earned!

We start with basic foundations of script analysis, and work through activities to help develop your character, understand their relationships, and fill in the gaps.

5 Steps to Building a Foundation
  • Script analysis gives you a foundation to build on for character development. Follow this guide and you can begin rehearsal with confidence, ready to take on whatever challenge comes your way. Get familiar with your character, get familiar with the text. It’s time to explore.
Exploring Your Script with Action Words
  • In this guide we’re going to look at exploring your script through action words (“verbs” for you English majors.) The idea is to find the “action” in your dialogue. We’re talking about visualizing action, injecting movement and life into your performance.
Try a Relationship Activity
  • This activity will help you uncover a great amount of detail on your character and their relationship with the other characters in the play.
Six Ways to Fill the Gaps
  • The first few Script Analysis guides focused on finding the information that the playwright has left for you in the script. But sometimes there is little to no information about your character. This when you, as an actor, really get to stretch your creative muscles. This guide provides tools and techniques to fill in the gaps about your character.

Each guide comes with a free PDF download for easy reference – or to use in your classroom!

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