Something for everyone: Somewhere, Nowhere

Somewhere Nowhere
Written by Lindsay Price

Somewhere, Nowhere by Lindsay Price is both a heartwarming and heartbreaking story that follows its characters as they grow, change, and stumble through four seasons.

Somewhere, Nowhere is a place to call home. A place to leave. The best place in the world. Nothing but a memory. How many of us feel one way or the other about the place we grew up? How many of us love or hate our hometown? Maybe it’s both at the same time.

The characters in Somewhere, Nowhere face a dilemma: Do they stay close to home at the end of high school, or do they get as far away as possible? What if they want to do both at the same time? What then?

Kevin Walsh and the student performers at Columbus East High School in Columbus, Indiana had a great time with their production of Somewhere, Nowhere – particularly enjoying the fact that there were roles for everyone of all experience levels:

A very positive experience. I liked that the set could be as simple or complex as I wanted. I really liked the fact that the playwright answered my messages and was willing to allow me make minor changes to the script to suit our needs.

One of the positive comments my students made was that they liked the wide variety in the sizes of roles – leads for the people who wanted them, but plenty of roles for people who didn’t have confidence in their performing abilities yet.

Great job, Columbus East High School!

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