Somewhere, Nowhere

Recommended for High Schools

Somewhere, Nowhere

by Lindsay Price

Senior students in a small town face a dilemma. Do they stay close to home, or do they run far away? A heartwarming and heartbreaking story.

 About 105 minutes
Act 1: 55 minutes, Act 2: 50 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

3 M | 13 W, Expandable to 5M+15W+7 Any Gender

Simple Set

Comedy Dramedy Character Study

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A full length play made up of four one act plays. See the characters grow, change, and stumble through four seasons.

Somewhere, Nowhere is a place to call home. A place to leave. The best place in the world. Nothing but a memory. How many of us feel one way or the other about the place we grew up? How many of us love or hate our hometown? Maybe it's both at the same time.

The characters in Somewhere, Nowhere face a dilemma: Do they stay close to home at the end of high school, or do they get as far away as possible? What if they want to do both at the same time? What then?

This Book is a Collection of 4 Plays

The Egg Carton and Shaving Cream Solution
Pete is ready to leave his small town life behind. He's also terrified. So he's doing what any terrified person would do to prompt change - standing on the roof of the school covered in egg cartons. Here comes change, ready or not.

4 M 11 W. Approx. 25 minutes long. Rights: $40.00, Script Distribution License: $69.95

Frying Pan to Frying Pan
Echo is in the middle of a tug of war: Does she follow her English teacher's dream for her to go away to a big school? Does she follow her mother's wishes to stay home? Echo doesn't want to go, but she isn't sure she wants to stay. The rope is about to break.

3 M 4 W. Approx. 25 minutes long. Rights: $40.00, Script Distribution License: $37.95

The Tower of Tyler
Tyler is a star. Everything he touches turns to gold, from Hail Mary passes to winning national essay contests. But Tyler's sister is getting tired of keeping his secrets. Maybe he doesn't have the golden touch after all.

3 M 8 W 7 Any Gender. Approx. 25 minutes long. Rights: $40.00, Script Distribution License: $72.95

It's hard to keep emotions clamped down, even in winter. The snow is piling up as secrets rise to the surface.

5 W. Approx. 25 minutes long. Rights: $40.00, Script Distribution License: $29.95

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