Spread the Love: Hairball by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

This week on Spread the Love, Lindsay and Craig talk about Hairball, a vignette play for teenagers by Lindsay Price.

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Welcome to Spread the Love. This week we are talking about Hairball. The play is pretty self explanatory. It is a vignette play, short scenes on a theme, all about hair. ‘Oh that is so stupid’ you may cry – Craig cry it:

Oh that is so stupid!

You may cry that out. You may even roll your eyes, wrinkle your nose, go ahead, I don’t mind. Because I know and secretly you know, and we all know that Hair is a totally relevant and relatable topic. Human beings are obsessed with hair: their hair, other people’s hair, judging people by their hair, good hair, bad hair. I know, I feel terrible when I have a bad hair day and I feel awesome when my hair looks good. Craig, do you not agree – good hair days are always better than bad hair days?

I mostly have no hair days.

Right. Craig, what do you love about Hairball?

Well, I don’t if I can totally relate to the theme of hair, but I do l know that I love this play. It’s a great play for beginners, classwork, scene work. It’s one of those plays you want to have in your desk drawer to pull out at a moment’s notice and do with some drama ones. Also like our other vignette plays, it has a really flexible cast. It can be done with anywhere from 8 to 41 performers. So, that’s it for Spread the Love…

Craig, does my hair look ok?


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