Spread the Love: Skid Marks – A Play About Driving by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

This week we spread the love for Skid Marks – A Play About Driving by Lindsay Price. Recorded live in a large confusing parking lot.


Oh. Hi. I was supposed to meet Lindsay around here somewhere to do a Spread the Love for Skid Marks but I have no idea where she is.

I’m just gonna go ahead and do it myself. I’m here to spread the love for Skid Marks: A Play About Driving. Skid Marks is a vignette play, and a vignette play is a play that consist of short scenes all around a theme. And the theme of Skid Marks is that wonderful teenage rite of passage: the car. The play deals with getting your license, learning how to drive, getting your first car, all that fun stuff.

And what I really love about Skid Marks is that, while it’s fast-paced and hilarious, smack-dab in the middle of it, Lindsay’s put a dramatic monologue that shows the theme from a whole different side and takes the play to a whole other level.

So, that’s it for Spread the Love. And, since Lindsay’s not here I’m gonna find my car. It’s around here somewhere…

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