Spread the Love: Still by Lindsay Price

Written by Craig Mason

Recorded live at the 2009 Missouri Thespian Conference.

Lindsay and her new friend Jana spread the love for Still.


Lindsay: Hi, this is “Spread the Love,” and we are at the Missouri Thespian Festival, there are lots of kids– Craig, look around at all the kids– And we are here with TheatreFolk, and I was just talking to Jenna here– Hi Jenna, how are you?

Jenna: Hi!

Lindsay: And you were telling me that you really loved “Still.” “Still” is a one-act that I wrote, short, that’s got two characters in it: Nate and Caroline. They used to date, and then something very tumultuous happened and they’ve broken apart, and they used to be known as the fun couple. They were “the” fun couple. And now Caroline, she’s moved on, she’s not having so much fun anymore, and Nate’s sorta still stuck in the past, and it’s what happens when they meet again, and Nate still wants to have fun and Caroline is a completely different person. So, tell me why you liked “Still.”

Janna: I really like it because most of the one acts that I had read are ones that the audience could really forget, and enjoy while they’re watching it but just forget it as soon as they left the theater. “Still” was one that really made an impression on me and that I thought could really make the audience think about life in general and just, I don’t know, their issues in life and just really.

Lindsay: I think that’s what we want– I know that’s what I want, is that you want an audience to not forget when they leave the theater, to have it linger, whether it was funny or whether it was that sadness that “Still” has, so it’s really great that you thought of that.

Jenna: Yeah, I thought the one-act would definitely stand out amongst the others, and would be the one that they remember when they go home at night.

Lindsay: Cool. Well, thank you Jenna, I’m so glad you came!

Jenna: Thank you.

Lindsay: That’s it for “Spread the Love.”

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