Spread the Love: Theatrefolk’s Ten Minute Play Series by Lindsay Price

Written by Lindsay Price

This week on Spread the Love, Lindsay talks our Ten Minute Play Series:


Welcome to this weeks Spread the Love. This week we’re talking about three, three, three plays in one. Ok, not really, but I do have three ten minute play collections in my hands. Our Ten Minute Play Series:

  • ALL GIRLS featuring plays with all girl casts.
  • GIRLS AND GUYS featuring plays with a mix of casts and also some gender neutral plays
  • and BE CHALLENGED featuring, you guessed it, plays with a bit of a challenge.

The ten minute format is something that we get asked about quite a bit. It’s good for class work, good if you want to put on an evening of short pieces perhaps as part of a variety show or a dessert theatre event.

When I wrote the plays for these books I really set out to make great moments. Ten minutes is not a lot of time so the characters have to pop, the situations have to be vital and immediate, and what’s really interesting about the format is that because it’s a moment the outcome doesn’t always have to resolve. You can leave your audience wondering, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

In ALL GIRLS, my favourite play is ANGER MANAGEMENT a conversation between Ophelia and Juliet who have spent 400 years in purgatory and their mad as heck about what happened to them.

In GIRLS AND GUYS we have the annual vices vs virtues swim meet and also a couple of fantastic character studies. The play GIRLS AND BOYS really looks into opening up the stereotypes surrounding football.

And in BE CHALLENGED, I love them all because they were a challenge to write and I love a challenge. I’m particularly proud of HALL PASS and SUNDAY LUNCH two guy scenes that I think are both very familiar and very unique.

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