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Top 5 Acting Exercises for Drama Students

Top 5 Acting Exercises
Written by Lindsay Price

Need acting exercises for your drama classroom? Here are 5 of Theatrefolk’s most popular exercises to help inspire student actors, from monologues to ensembles.

1.“Channel That Fear
Fear is such a wonderful motivator for characters and it has both positive and negative connotations. Download the Character Fear list at the bottom of this post, to inspire acting exercises and writing activities.

2. “The Ensemble Monologue” Acting Exercise
Learn how act out a monologue as a group. This post includes a lesson plan, monologue handout, scene checklist, and rubric.

3. “Mirror Game – Modified!”
Learn a fun twist on the traditional Mirror Game exercise and download a reflection that students can complete after the game!

4. “Create a World” Exercise
Try this exercise to encourage students to create worlds on stage with little to no movie realism.

5. “Who’s Knocking?” Acting Exercise
This acting exercise is great for beginners because it involves character creation without any pressure to be a “performer.”

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