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The Ultimate Audition Guide: Teacher Edition

The ultimate audition guide
Written by Lindsay Price

Auditions happen everywhere at every level, from middle school plays, to high school musicals, to college admissions. Audition styles range from prepared monologues, to cold readings, to group activities. No matter the audition, directors go through the same set of emotions, issues and concerns:

  • Will I be able to cast my show?
  • What am I supposed to be looking for?
  • How do I stop the kids from getting so nervous?

The Ultimate Audition Guide: Teachers takes you through the audition process and provide suggestions for the above questions. Auditions don’t have to be nerve wracking experiences!

What’s in The Ultimate Audition Guide: Teachers?

There are Seven sections:

  • Preparing for Auditions
    What should you do to best prepare for auditions?
  • Choosing the type of audition
    Which is the best audition for your production?
  • Activities to help your students ahead of time
    How can you prepare students to audition effectively?
  • Activities during auditions
    How can you calm student nerves?
  • Audition Day
    What to focus on during auditions.
  • Make It A Teaching Moment
    How can you assess an audition?
  • Dealing with the aftermath
    How do you deal with student and parent discontent?

Start the new year off right with a great audition. Break a Leg!

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