Blood, Blisters & Bruises

Created by Matt Webster

Welcome to Blood, Blisters, and Bruises. This is an introductory course to learn how to use makeup to create scars, blisters, and bruises with a little blood on the side, and a special bonus section on creating zombies. You’re going to learn the techniques and materials you will need to do these special effects, and how to teach your students to do these special effects.

Module 0: Introduction 8:38 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduces the course and outlines the modules.
Module 1: Materials 18:26 FREE PREVIEW
This module covers the materials you'll need for the course; these are easy to obtain and budget-friendly options are provided.
Module 2: Bruises 12:42
This module covers how to create light bruises for close up situations, and heavier bruises that can be seen from a distance.
Module 3: Blisters & Burns 10:02
This module covers blisters and burns. Burns are commonly designated by the level of damage done to the skin, and categorized by degree: first degree, second degree, and the highest level, third degree.
Module 4: Scar, Scrapes & Cuts 10:03
This module covers scars, scrapes and cuts. They’re basically the same application with different depths.
Module 5: Zombies 8:19
This module covers Zombie makeup.

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