This introductory course in Stage Makeup is brought to you by Matt Webster, and covers all the basics. You’ll learn the tools you can use to build a makeup kit, how to match skin tone, what are the shapes of the face and how those shapes affect everything you do with makeup.

You’ll learn about highlight and shadow, blending, basic corrective makeup, safety and hygiene, and lastly, tips for teaching makeup. And throughout, sample exercises are included so you have the information you need to bring stage makeup into the drama classroom.

Course Outline

Module 0: Introduction 1:03
Module 1: Makeup Manufacturers and Tools 9:26
Module 2: Skin Tone 4:24
Module 3: Shapes of the Face 5:06
Module 4: Highlight and Shadow 5:12
Module 5: Blending 5:00
Module 6: Basic Corrective Makeup 15:51
Module 7: Safety, Hygiene, and Working with Models 4:19
Module 8: Tips for Teaching Makeup 4:25

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Standards Addressed

Georgia Performance Standards 2017 - Theatre Arts

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre Arts

Alberta, Canada

British Columbia (2018)

GRADE 10 - DRAMA - Reason and reflect

Apply feedback to develop and refine ideas

GRADE 10 - DRAMA - Communicate and document

Compose, interpret, and expand ideas using symbolism and imagery