Introduction to Stage Makeup

Created by Matt Webster

This introductory course in Stage Makeup is brought to you by Matt Webster, and covers all the basics. You’ll learn the tools you can use to build a makeup kit, how to match skin tone, what are the shapes of the face and how those shapes affect everything you do with makeup.

You’ll learn about highlight and shadow, blending, basic corrective makeup, safety and hygiene, and lastly, tips for teaching makeup. And throughout, sample exercises are included so you have the information you need to bring stage makeup into the drama classroom.

Bonus videos are also included for the techniques in the course, demonstrated on a model with dark skin tone.

Module 0: Introduction 1:03 FREE PREVIEW
This module introduces the course and what will be covered in each lesson.
Module 1: Makeup Manufacturers and Tools 9:26 FREE PREVIEW
This module helps you understand the tools and manufacturers of stage makeup, and the basics you need to build a makeup kit.
Module 2: Skin Tone 4:24
This module discusses skin tone and how to match base colors to different skin tones.
Module 3: Shapes of the Face 5:06
This module shows the four shapes of the face, and why they are important in applying stage makeup.
Module 4: Highlight and Shadow 5:12
This module how to identify and create highlight and shadow.
Module 5: Blending 5:00
This module demonstrates how to blend soft and hard edges.
Module 6: Basic Corrective Makeup 15:51
This module focuses on correcting the skin tone, and unifying the makeup look.
Module 7: Safety, Hygiene, and Working with Models 4:19
This module covers the basic safety and hygiene tips as well as best practices in working with models.
Module 8: Tips for Teaching Makeup 4:25
This module includes tips for how to teach stage makeup techniques to your students.

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