In this course, instructor Claire Broome shares what mindfulness is, and why it is so important in the Drama Classroom. The course covers how mindfulness and wellness can help both students and teachers.

Claire discusses how to prepare students for this kind of learning, and provides various activities to bring into your classroom, as well as a variety of extensions for these activities that can be applied to character creation and possible projects.

Course Summary

Standards Addressed

13 Modules
3 hours, 30 minutes
5 Credit Hours


Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction 4:45
Module 2: What is Mindfulness & Wellness Education? 5:02
Module 3: Prepping Your Class 13:41
Module 4: Movement & Focus Games 11:45
Module 5: Meditation Part One 30:04
Module 6: Meditation Part Two 01:02:45
Module 7: Gratitude Exercises 13:28
Module 8: Writing Exercises 11:38
Module 9: Yoga Poses 15:19
Module 10: Wellness Life Skills 13:56
Module 11: Extending Mindfulness & Wellness 2:43
Module 12: Summary 1:44
BONUS Module: Distance Learning Option 24:05

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Standards Addressed

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre Arts

MS 117.213 LIII - Foundations: Inquiry and Understanding

B.1.B - explore preparation and warm-up techniques.

HS 117.315 LI - Creative Expression: performance

C.2.A - demonstrate safe use of the voice and body.

Alberta, Canada

Improvisation/Acting Level I - Beginning

3 - demonstrate the ability to be still

Theatre Studies Level III - Advanced (The script)

12 - analyze a script to identify character, setting and plot