Using SketchUp in the Classroom

Created by Ray Palasz

Instructor Ray Palasz leads this introductory course in using SketchUp in the classroom.

This course is broken down into five easy modules. One, downloading the program. Two, getting started with using the program. Three, drawing two and three-dimensional objects. Four, using the 3D warehouse, which will save you and your students tons of time. And five, a sample assignment and assessment for your students.

Each module also comes with a handout with visuals from SketchUp to guide you through the process. You will learn how SketchUp can add so much to your program.

As of Fall 2018, SketchUp requires that any school using the program for educational use is enrolled in Google's G Suite for Education. Please ensure that you check with your school IT team prior to planning to use SketchUp in the classroom.

Module 0: Introduction 1:44 FREE PREVIEW
An introduction to the course and a description of each of the modules.
Module 1: Downloading SketchUp 6:43 FREE PREVIEW
This module walks through how to download the SketchUp program and get it ready to run.
Module 2: The Basics 9:18
This module covers the basic elements of SketchUp, including dimensioning, using the axes, and the camera view.
Module 3: Drawing Capabilities 12:05
This module focused on the drawing capabilities of SketchUp, including 2 and 3 dimensional objects, color and texture, and finding the correct dimensions.
Module 4: SketchUp 3D Warehouse 12:20
This module introduces the 3D warehouse and teaches how to search for objects, place them on drawings, and resize them.
Module 5: Set Design Project 13:25
This module lays out a sample assignment on set design using SketchUp, including assessment tools.

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