Part of the Drama Two Curriculum

Character Analysis - Part 1

Created by Matt Webster

The Drama Two Curriculum has been developed to expand and deepen students’ skills as artists. In this unit, students will explore character analysis, which is key to developing three-dimensional characters in monologues, scenes, and plays. In Part 1, they will start with Uta Hagen’s nine questions for character analysis.

The overview lays out the objectives, description, and lessons for the unit, including pre-knowledge requirements and review.
Additional Attachments
1: Uta Hagen's Nine Questions
Introduce your students to Uta Hagen and the nine questions she uses for character development.
2: An Organic Approach to Objective, Obstacle, Stakes, and Action/Tactic
To introduce the idea of “objective/goal, obstacle, stakes, and action/tactic” as a powerful building block for actors and to introduce the concept of working with verbs as tactics
3: Scoring and Beats
To introduce the idea of “objective/goal, obstacle, and action/tactic” to simple scenes by scoring those scenes and playing the scored text.
4: Status Monkeys
To learn how status influences characterization and character actions by participating in “Status Monkeys” and other interactions based on status
5: Project
To demonstrate comprehension and understanding of content and concepts through the analysis and performance of an open scene.

Standards Addressed

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