Part of the Drama One Curriculum

Front of House

Created by Karen Loftus

This unit looks at theatre jobs in the business category: front of house, marketing, and box office. The aim of these jobs is to interact with the public. Students are able to identify what “front of house” refers to and understand the various roles of a theatre company’s front of house members.
Students will also explore how a show is marketed and demonstrate their knowledge of marketing by creating a simple marketing campaign for an original show.

Unit Overview
The overview lays out the structure of the unit, including objectives, materials list, lesson structure and assessment and time management tools.
Additional Attachments
1: Who’s Who
Students begin their exploration by learning about the who’s who in theatre and are introduced to the front of house role.
2: Basic Marketing
Students continue their exploration by learning about elements of a marketing poster and applying that information by designing a poster.
3: Marketing and Audience Experience
Students continue their exploration by learning about the press release and creating a marketing plan for an original play.

Standards Addressed

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