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Drama One Final Project

Created by Karen Loftus

The final project will incorporate multiple areas that students have studied over the course of the year/semester: playwriting, acting, scenic design, and marketing. They are putting everything they’ve learned into a final package, including writing, rehearsing, and performing.

Project Overview
The overview lays out the structure of the unit, including objectives, materials list, lesson structure and assessment and time management tools.
Additional Attachments
1: Week 1: Brainstorming, Start Writing
Students will be given the expectations for the individual final project, starting with a playwriting assignment.
2: Week 2: Writing the Play
Students are given time to write their own plays, and gain feedback from their peers.
3: Week 3: Technical Elements
Students write a 2-3 paragraph essay about the overall design of their play. A checklist is included for both technical elements and design description.
4: Week 4: The Monologue
Students memorize the monologue that they wrote and included in their scripts, rehearse, and give peer feedback. A reflection is included.
5: Week 5: Final Submission and Performance
Students hand in all the elements of this project referring back to the included Final Project Assignment Sheet. An assignment sheet is provided to make sure they have everything in the correct order. They must connect this assignment sheet to their packet of submitted materials.

Standards Addressed

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